TA Exam Preparation Workshop October 2020

This workshop with be ONLINE

10, 11, 17 & 18 October 2020 

Qualified trainers

Jan Grant, TSTA (Counselling and Education)

Anne Tucker, TSTA (Organisational)

Keith Tudor, TSTA (Psychotherapy)


What this workshop will provide:

This workshop will cater for people training in any of the four fields of application of transactional analysis (TA), i.e. counselling, education, organisations, and psychotherapy. 

It will provide supervision for all levels of exam preparation. This includes:

Starting and writing the CTA written exam

Preparing for the CTA oral exam

Preparing for the TEW

Preparing for TSTA exams

Details of the Programme

The form you fill in as you register will ask questions about what your specific goals are and this will assist in the preliminary preparation for the course.  Thereafter the precise programme of the workshop will be co-created by the facilitators and the participants in order to cater for individual supervision needs, but will include some time as a whole group including presentations from each of the trainers, and regular work in small groups tailored to specific needs. 

Each participant will also have the opportunity to have an hour's individual supervision/tutorial with one of the trainers during the week of 12 October.  Participants are also encouraged to make time between the sessions for self-reflection and to integrate their learning. 

The workshop provides participants with 19 hours of training.


ONLINE - across seven time zones - from India to Aotearoa New Zealand (and further afield if desired) 


$850 or $795 if fully paid by 15 August 2020


$50 Admin fee if cancelled 6 weeks prior to the workshop (6 September).  Thereafter the full fee will be forfeited.



Jan Grant  

B.Ed., M.ED (Adult Ed.), CTA, TSTA (E& C) ITAA, ATAA. Jan has a long history in tertiary education and has been in private practice in Sydney for over 30 years, where she sees individuals, couples and supervisees.  Jan has been involved in TA for 37 years and has supervised 16 successful CTA candidates (E & C), 3 TEW and 1 TSTA.

Anne Tucker

Anne is a CTA and TSTA (O) and has been involved in TA for 24 years.  She developed and Australisian business providing Employee Assistance Programmes and other resources to support employers and employees.  she is currently providing TA training supervision and coaching to New Zealanders and international clients.  She is the current Australasian representative on the ITAA Board of Trustees.

Keith Tudor

Keith is a CTA (P) and a  TSTA (P), and a professor of Psychotherapy at Auckland University of Technology.  He has been involved in TA for 35 years as a clinician, supervisor, trainer, and writer and this year was, with Graeme Summers, the co-recipient of the Eric Berne Memorial Award.  He is the author of over 80 publications on TA, including four books, and enjoys encouraging people to write.  He has supervised people to successful completion of the CTA written exams (13), the CTA oral exams (9), the TEW (8) and the TSTA oral exams (3 candidates, 7 exams).

Feedback from the previous Exam workshop held in  NZ 2019

Did you achieve your contract?

64% Yes (2 with bonus points)

7% Almost

7% Not quite

7% No

How effective was the workshop for you?

86% Very Effective

14% Effective

What were the most effective aspects of the worksop for you personally and/or professionally?

  • An opportunity to complete a teach and supervision and get feedback.  An Opportunity to present myself and experience self differently.
  • Sense of connection to the TA community, like-minded people working on similar endeavours, with similar philosophies and creating new connections
  • Receiving feedback
  • Gaining confidence that I'm on the right track
  • Relational style of leadership
  • Small groups - being aware of colleagues with similar struggles
  • Reconnecting with TA community, making new connections
  • Breaking down and making the CTA appear achievable
  • I feel empowered to show myself, which feels so empowering
  • The role modelling of you three
  • Am able to talk about what I need and what I envisage about completing CTA exam through the involvement of all those in this wananga/training
  • The active learning - theory and action
  • Experiential examples
  • Shared experiences
  • Answers to questions
  • Amazing Adult - Adult support
  • Personally I could find precious friends to share a similar path with
  • Professionally I could make a plan toward TEW clearly
  • There were many opportunities to share with each other, which made me realise and feel we are ONE both professionally and personally
  • Personally, I have started asking for what I need without feeling selfish
  • Professionally, CTA writing has taken off and I feel it is at a higher, more professional level
  • I asked for Tautoko from the group and I received it
  • Personal - connection and support
  • Professionally - exam prep and momentum, teaching and learning
  • Connection with different TA community and PTSTAs
  • Validation and support of what is right for me
  • Refreshing and learning theory and applying to practice

Days and Time Zones

TimeDay 1 Saturday 10 October

Day  Saturday 10 October

Day 2 Sunday 11 October

Day 3 Saturday 17 October 

Day 4 Sunday 18 October 

India   Bangladesh & Krygyzstan  China, Singapore Australia (Perth)   Korea & Japan Australia (Adelaide)  Australia (Sydney)  New Zealand
 - 6.5 hrs - 6 hrs - 4 hrs  - 3 hrs  - 2.5 hrs - 2 hrs   0
 0700 to 1130 hrs      0730 to 1200 hrs 0930 to 1400 hrs 1030 to 1500 hrs 1100 to 1530 hrs 1130 to 1600 hrs 1330 to 1800 hrs

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