TA 101 - 2½ day workshop

Internationally recognised

The TA101 course is the official internationally recognised introductory course.  It covers a set syllabus and gives an overview of all the main theories of TA.

Qualified trainers

TA101 courses are run only by Transactional Analysts who have attained international accreditation to do so.  A TA101 course is a pre-requisite for a number of other TA qualifications.

Up coming course- 2020

Auckland: Wednesday 18, Thursday 19 & Friday 20 November

Venue: 104 The Drive, Epsom, Auckland

Times:  Wednesday 1.30pm start and 5pm finish, Thursday and Friday 9am starts and 5pm finish each day

Cost:    $595 (no GST)  On receipt of your registration I will send you an invoice. 

If cost is an issue, please talk with me by phone or email.  It is more important for me that people have access to these helpful theories.


What our customers say about TA Training

The TA101 course was extremely helpful in identifying all the different aspects of communication, especially the ego states from which we communicate. Being aware of what you say and how you say it is an important skill to have so that communication is always clear and allows for more authentic living. The “I’m OK, You’re OK” window on the world is something I will definitely remind myself of daily in the workplace and outside of it- Thanks Anne for an enlightening two days!
Amy Ewles
Executive Assistant/HR SPCA
One of the best courses I have ever attended. Plenty of usable content, plus Anne is a great trainer. I strongly recommend it.
John Laurent
Managing Director, Action Learning Ltd
I recently completed the TA 101 course with Anne Tucker in Nelson (September 2015). The course was well organised with excellent training materials to augment the presentation of key concepts. The pace of delivery was lively and engaging with numerous opportunities to apply and clarify concepts through role play, discussion and questioning. Anne knows her stuff and was well able to support participants learning in a warm, supportive yet rigorous manner. Anne is able to inspire confidence in not only her abilities as a trainer, but also as a TA practitioner. Without hesitation, I can heartily recommend this course for people who want to improve their understanding of themselves and their relationships with others, in either professional or personal contexts. After doing this course, you will wonder how you ever got through life without understanding these powerful concepts.
Jo Hart
Teacher Educator
The course was very structured which helps me understand. Anne was very knowledgeable, easy to understand and clear. Thank you Anne for being patient and allowing me to open myself up. You are an instructor I wished for and I got. You speak clearly and explain things in a way that’s easy for me to understand. The course was of great value to me, my life and my work. Thank you.
Margaret-Jo Crichton-Saia
Team Manager at Amway Regional Contact Centre
Attending the TA101 workshop was great fun and extremely informative. I have found incorporating the OK corral, ego states, and the Winner/Drama triangle concepts into my own life and my work with counselling clients hugely beneficial. I experienced Anne as a warm, well prepared course presenter who generously shared information and resources. I believe Anne is passionate about TA and I found this contagious. Furthermore it made for and engaging and positive learning environment. Thank you Anne and I look forward to completing further TA training with you in the future.
Marianne Hall
NMIT Student Counsellor 2014
I thoroughly enjoyed doing the TA course under Anne’s facilitation. I loved Anne’s training style and delivery.  Also she did a wonderful job of ‘very nicely’ controlling a group of very talkative people, without ever making any of them feel like they were not thoroughly valued.
Sharon-Lee Philpott

The best parts of the course were relating TA to organisations and personal situations, making it relevant to now. It provided excellent models to understand motives behind behaviours and ways to change behaviours that are not supportive. Thank you Anne for a fabulous two days and for your role modelling of authenticity. I loved your stories of personal experiences

Judyne Howell

[I] thoroughly enjoyed the interactive nature of this course and it totally is relevant to my work and everyday life.

Claire Paget-Hay
Chief Executive/Registrar Pharmacy Council of New Zealand
I really enjoyed Ego states and hungers. I like the small class and the pace of information. I like the informal chatting – it was very relaxed. Anne was a great teacher. I didn’t agree with everything but the way she taught made me really challenge my way of thinking.
Anne was very warm and friendly upon arrival, which made me feel at ease from the start! We have many different personality types in my workplace and I learnt many communication techniques and it also helped me learn how to realise how others communicate and why they do what they do. The key learning that stuck in my head was the Ego States, which has really helped me understand my workmates more, which has assisted me how to better communicate and work with. Plus who doesn’t love the Strokes (positive affirmations) you get from everyone during the whole course?!
Jacki Sherwood
Hamilton City Council
Great knowledge and insights to help moving into more healthy, authentic (real) interactions with others.
Christine Eichler- Family Support Worker
Te Ora Hou Northland Inc.

Course content

The theories are taught with lots of examples to assist you to apply them in everyday life.  Various small group exercises are used to give practical application of the theory.  These will help you understand yourself and others and make the changes you want.

The course will cover:

Definition of TA

Its origins, the underlying values and areas of application.
An overview of how TA has developed.


The value of ensuring the Administrative and Professional components are attended to as well as considering what the hidden (or unconscious) Psychological contact might be.

Ego states

Parent Adult Child - when we converse with others, how we experience that interaction and what transpires between the parties.



Transactions and how they work – when communication flows easily, when it stops abruptly, when it turns nasty and how to get it back on track.

Life Positions

Our view and others' view of the world - I'm OK, You're OK or  They're NOT OK; how we acquire these positions and the implications for our and others' interactions.

Game analysis

When our fundamental hungers for stimulus, belonging and structure are not met, we are likely to resort to psychological games.  We learn what happens in these psychological games, why we play them and how to turn them from dramas into constructive 'wins'.

Racket analysis

We identify the substitute inauthentic strategies we developed as children to 'survive' and identify the appropriate authentic responses that meet our today adult needs.

Script analysis

The stories we adopted as children to make sense of the world and how we take these into our 'now' adult world.


The process of being aware of ourselves and others', responding spontaneously from our authentic self so we achieve truly meaningful relationships - intimacy.

TA 101- 2 day workshop

This two day workshop is where people start their TA learning. It gives practical tools that you can use straight away to improve your inter-personal communication. You might decide this is sufficient at this stage.

TA 101 is suitable for:

Individuals and couples

who want to have a better understanding of themselves and their partner/spouse and communicate more effectively with each other.


Managers, Team Leaders, Human Resource, Health & Safety personnel, Consultants and Trainers who want improved workplaces, working relationships and customer service.


Coaches, Mentors, Counsellors will benefit from this course as clients value the educational aspect of understanding the dynamics of their difficulties.


Principals, Teachers, Trainers and Educators wanting more effective ways of getting their information across. Children pick up the fundamentals TA really quickly too.  Ongoing training using the Proficiency Awards structure is great for educators.


Voluntary and Church groups who wish to have a better understanding of how to work more effectively with people.


who wants to improve his/her relationships with family, friends and work colleagues.

Costs and Pre-requisites


The course fee is $595 (no GST required).



The TA 101 course its is an introduction to TA and is ideal for beginners who have no previous knowledge of TA . An extensive manual is provided as part of the course fee.


TA learning pathways

TA learning pathways