Certified Transactional Analysis (CTA)

Advanced qualification

The Certified Transactional Analysis (CTA) is the highest level of qualification to be gained within the Anne Tucker TA training. You can specialise in Organisational, Educational or Counselling.

Progress in your own time

The Certificate and Diploma in Developmental Transactional Analysis can count up to 50% of the CTA qualification. You can build up to this level at your own pace.

Gain a MSc in professional development

Take your learning to a Masters Degree level. You can progress right up to a MSc through Middlesex university from the Diploma in Developmental TA. 

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TA learning pathways

TA learning pathways

Certified Transactional Analysis is suitable for:

Human Resource

HR Managers, Consultants & Advisers


Consultants, Change Management Consultants, Development Consultants


Trainers, Coaches , Teachers - at all levels of the educational system (an exception needs to be acquired to teach at this level)

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Course Content

Course objectives

Undertake a substantial piece of independent work.

Present this in writing, including demonstrating a high level of self and client analysis.

Produce evidence of a range of interventions in which clients achieve greater autonomy through the application of TA.

Develop the ability to discuss theory and applications with a panel of colleagues who have already achieved CTA status.

Study requirements

To gain a the certified TA qualification a total of 2000 hrs overall study time is required. This is broken down in the following areas.

1025 hrs
 TA-based training (300 TA)
150 hrs supervision (75 TA)
750 hrs application (500 TA)
500 hrs professional development
24000 word case study

Successful completion of the Certificate and Diploma in Developmental TA can count towards 50% of the CTA qualification.

Final exam

with panel of 4 - need tape recordings of own practice


Costs and Prerequisites

Costs:  Available on request

Competencies & Prerequisites: ​Please check with Anne for detailed information. 

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