Monthly Workshops in Nelson

These two hour monthly workshops will give you a great understanding of the main theories of TA and you will be able to apply them to yourself, professionally and personally immediately.

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Workshop content

The theories covered in each workshop will be taught with lots of examples. Small group exercises will be used so you can apply them to your daily work and personal life.  These will help you understand yourself and others and make the changes you want.

The course details:

Workshop 1 (10 May)


The value of ensuring the Administrative and Professional components are attended to as well as considering what the hidden (or unconscious) Psychological contact might be.

Workshop 2 (14 June)

Ego states

Parent Adult Child - when we converse with others, how we experience that interaction and what transpires between the parties.

Workshop 3 (12 July)


Transactions and how they work – when communication flows easily, when it stops abruptly, when it turns nasty and how to get it back on track.

Workshop 4 (9 August)

Life Positions

Our view and others' view of the world - I'm OK, You're OK or  They're NOT OK; how we acquire these positions and the implications for our and others' interactions.

Workshop 5 (4 October)

Games Analysis and Time Structuring

When our fundamental hungers for stimulus, belonging and structure are not met, we are likely to resort to psychological games.  We learn what happens in these psychological games, why we play them and how to turn them from dramas into constructive 'wins'.  We all need recognition and negative recognition is better than none. When we learn about how to manage our social interactions we communicate much more effectively. 

Workshop 6 (15 November)


We all need positive recognition or strokes and when we don't get them we resort to negative strokes because no strokes are unbearable.    
Workshop 7 (6 December)


The way we avoid or ignore information that results in ineffective strategies and how to use the booklet 'Steps to Success' to turn it around.
Workshop 8 (14 February)


We identify the substitute inauthentic strategies we developed as children to 'survive' and identify appropriate authentic responses that meet our 'today' adult needs. 
Workshop 9 (14 March 2019)

Script analysis 1

The stories we adopted as children to make sense of the world and how we take these into our 'now' adult world.
Workshop 10 (14 March 2019)

Script analysis 2

Continued: How to utilise the stories we adopted as children to make different decisions that will result in a robust Adult decisions and ones that we WANT rather than follow paths unconsciously.
Workshop 11 (9 May 2019)

Cycles of Development

The way we develop throughout our life, the significant milestones and how our plastic brain accommodates change.
Workshop 12 (13 June 2019)

Autonomy and the Health Metaphor

The process of being aware of ourselves and others', responding spontaneously from our authentic self so we achieve truly meaningful relationships - intimacy. Putting all the theories together to see how they all fit.

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The workshops will be suitable for:


Managers, Team Leaders, Human Resource, Health & Safety personnel, Consultants and Trainers who want improved workplaces, working relationships and customer service.


Coaches, Mentors, Counsellors will benefit from this course as clients value the educational aspect of understanding the dynamics of their difficulties.


Principals, Teachers, Trainers and Educators wanting more effective ways of getting their information across. Children pick up the fundamentals TA really quickly too.  Ongoing training using the Proficiency Awards structure is great for educators.


Voluntary and Church groups who wish to have a better understanding of how to work more effectively with people.

Individuals and couples

who want to have a better understanding of themselves and their partner/spouse and communicate more effectively with each other.


who wants to improve his/her relationships with family, friends and work colleagues.

Costs and Pre-requisits


Each workshop fee will be $23 (inclusive of GST). An invoice will be provided so you can claim it on your business expenses.



To be confirmed on enrolment.



The content of the course is aimed to be an introduction to TA and is ideal for beginners who have no previous knowledge of TA . An extensive manual is provided as part of the course fee.

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