Dare to Dream. Dare to Train

“Don’t Shrink your dreams. Supersize your courage and abilities.
Dreams are ALWAYS a size too big so you can grow into them.  Stretch your courage and expand your ability to match the size of your dream.”
Karen Salmansohn

Training is vital to me.  I love learning new things, being intellectually stimulated and letting my creativity explore possibilities!  I know that not all my learning will come from the trainer or facilitator, there will be others I will meet on the course who will also contribute to that wonderful learning mix.

I will get reinforcement of my current knowledge and skills. I will discover a concept or thought process I've had has been discovered by someone else and written up or researched!  And I also be introduced to research and/or knowledge that challenge my theories and supposed 'knowing' and will bring new light and opportunities y to update my information and stretch my skills.  

Curiosity:  I enjoy trainers who ignite a sense of adventure and entice me to use my creativity.  And it needs to be  practical so I can apply the knowledge - otherwise for me it is just noise. I want to leave a training course with my new-found knowledge and skills feeling stimulated and knowing it is ok not to have it perfectly off pat.

And then there are the scary parts.  Will the trainer really be able to set up a safe learning environment or ifs/he will be judgemental.  Do I will need to be wary? Will it be OK to ask silly questions? And what if I don't have a clue what they are talking about? Will I be able to stay with my enquiring mind and stay positive that I can still learn?  Will my knowledge and skills be valued by the trainer and others on the course?

When I evaluate these doubts I know I'm not alone, others experience them too.  I decide to take every experience and use it to MY and MY CLIENTS' advantage.  So I take hold of the quote at the top of this blog: "Supersize your courage and abilities" and move on to embrace my new opportunities.  I can go into the training knowing it will be of great intrinsic value.

I decide: I am going to resource my tool kit, stretch and keep my brain active. 'Use it or Lose it'.  

I decided a long time ago, I want to keep learning until the day I depart from this earth.  I want to be fascinated by my inner world and the world of others, to stay interested and interesting.  

This is why training is so vital for me.  With our learning we add value to human kind and give ourselves and others the opportunities to make different decisions – to learn, grow, and make healthy decisions.

Check out the embedded utube and see if it inspires you to: Dare to Dream, Dare to  Train

Dare to Dream about your opportunities.  Dare to Train.