“The more I looked at the theories of TA, the more I liked its simplicity as well as its richness and depth”

-Anne Tucker

Business and Personal Growth Since 1991

In 1991, I founded the business Stratos Limited.  Stratos provided Employees Assistance Programmes (EAP); critical incident
debriefing; conflict resolution; a computer based Health and Resilience programme; team building sessions and various other
training and consultancy services. These services were provided to organisations in New Zealand and Australia. Staff numbers
of these organisation ranged from 10,000 to one small organisation with 7 employees.

Located in Nelson, New Zealand

I grew up in the Nelson region on an extended family owned orchard and completed my schooling at Nelson College for Girls. My interest in a nursing career led me to Christchurch and Auckland.  With my continued interest in ‘prevention rather than cure’ I moved to Wellington to join the Alcohol Advisory Council (ALAC) in 1985 where I worked as an Industry Consultant providing support and policy advice to organisations.  Having now returned to Nelson to live and support aging relatives, I continue to provide training, supervision, coaching and mentoring to people within New Zealand and Internationally.

Operates Internationally

Since 2011, my husband and I have traveled in various countries in Europe. I continue to be involved in the national and international TA community. My passion is to provide opportunities that enable people to find solutions to the inevitable life challenges – both personal and professional, before they become seemingly too large to bare. With this focus, I enjoy introducing people to the tools and skills that can be gleaned from the TA theories so they can make their own  choices which will enrich their lives as well as those around them.

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Qualified and experienced

In April 2015 Anne completed her Transactional Analysis exams in Edinburgh, Scotland.  This means she is now a fully qualified Training & Supervisory Transactional Analyst in the Organisational field.

Passing this exam is no mean feat!  They are recognised as hard to pass.  There are 3 exams and each exam has a 4 member panel (usually different people) who, after the first exam covering ethics, philosophy, theory and organisation, judge against prescribed criteria as the examinee gives a live demonstration of a teaching session and answers relevant questions then gives a live demonstration of supervision as well as answering relevant questions.

So it is with sheer delight that I can now say I passed well. 

Why I started TA Training

My journey in TA training started in 1994 while I was Deputy Head of a Polytechnic department.  A significant conflict had erupted between two Heads of Departments and I was asked to work with them to find an effective outcome.  Using my intuition and common sense we were able to resolve the conflict.  One of the people involved identified that I had unwittenly used Transactional Analysis in the conflict resolution process.  She explained the theory which made complete sense. 

I had already started my new business of training and consulting and I realised I needed a robust theoretical framework to underpin it.  After researching TA I realised this was a perfect fit for me and the business.  So my journey in TA began.  I was able to immediately apply the theory both in my personal and professional life, reinforcing how practical and valuable it is.

Now I am committed to teaching TA to others who want to expand their understanding, capabilities and skills so they can have successful, healthy relationships.  I get a great deal of satisfaction from seeing people get those ‘ah ha’ moments, and move from worry and anxiety to a place of hope and excitement.

What people say about TA Training

"[Anne] works very professionally, respectfully of others and understands professional developmental learning"

"trustworthy and ethical and is committed to growing and teaching people"